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made a page for pobawave, the alias i used for when i made memes about sardinia. i'm not even putting a link anywhere in the site besides here because it's just inside jokes between me and my circle, but i thought it was worth archiving somewhere. plus it's all practice for when i'll make the INSIDERS portal!

the chloma and info pages got touched up a little: better formatting on the chloma page, and on the info page i managed to add a javascript button for translating the content to japanese! i'm feeling pretty good about that one. sorry for all the broken links, there's still a bunch of pages that need to be done.

do you know chloma? it's a japanese fashion brand inspired by anime culture and Y2K aesthetic. they've been around for more than a decade and their popularity has been steadily going up, not only in japan but also in the US. i was an intern there for a year and a half and it was an invaluable experience for me. you can see all the artwork i made during that period in the chloma section of the gallery now. the page layout is a little messed up but i'll get back to it later.

now there are images in the gallery page and you can click on (most of) them to access a separate full view page. sorry if it's a little rudimentary; i'm trying to keep things not too complicated while practicing html. eventually i'd love to be able to add a chatbox or some space for visitors to leave a message in, or even a drawing.

started work on the gallery page: so far i only uploaded art on the famicase page (gotta finish writing the descriptions) but it's beginning to look like an actual website.
here's a sketch:

info page is about done. i thought it would be cool to be able to toggle between languages but i could not get it to work at all...

welcome. the site is still under construction but I'm going to fill it up with info and my artwork soon.