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famicase chloma
my famicase exhibition is the name of an art show held yearly at a store called METEOR in tokyo [link to the store].
the owner, Sakagami-san, prints new labels for old famicom cassettes from artists' submissions and has been displaying them in his shop since 2005.

2016 - kaiju body dungeon
© prassio 2016-2023 all rights reserved.
this piece marks the first time my work was displayed outside of my country.
the concept behind this illustration eventually became the basis for INSIDERS.

2020 - nura, island of the bronze statues
© prassio 2016-2023 all rights reserved.
i wanted to imagine what it would be like if the ruins of sardinia became the basis for an anime movie, and what would a game based on that movie look like. i ended up going back to this concept and further developing it later on.

2021 - bone wars
© prassio 2016-2023 all rights reserved.
this label is inspired by the actual "bone war" that happened in the 19th century between two feuding paleontologists in the united states. i imagined a game were you manage a dig site and have to fight back against intruders and looters in the far west. the skeleton in the middle is an allosaurus.

2022 - space deliveries cabras
© prassio 2016-2023 all rights reserved.
for this piece i was inspired by an old sardinian comic called "fisietto" that i used to collect as a child, and the anime "space adventures cobra". i combined sardinian pop elements with classic space opera elements.